MEP sign up video is Avalible on the Looking Glass Studios Youtube channel, Go an pick your parts before all the good ones are taken XD
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PostSubject: Information   Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:03 pm

There will most likely be an MEP every other Month Starting from August, we may take a break every now and again otherwise we will be really busy!

Our MEP song choices will most likely have a vote on which one the members would most like to do.
You can also Post in here any songs that you would want to do for future MEP's, TheHiddenAssassin, NineTailesNarutoVids and myself would choose 3 of the best songs and then put them up for you all to vote on.

Certain MEP's may have certain specifics such as; Perhaps having one certain anime, or movie, or it could all be focused on games etc. (dont worry if you are limited or dont have any clips to one certain specific anime or game etc, we will find a way to sort things out for you so that you can join in)

If for some reason you cannot participate in any WORMs or MEPs then you must post in the 'Unable to Participate' Forum, and you must give us 2 weeks notice at the very least so then we can find you a temporary replacement for that certain part in the MEP or WORM.
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