MEP sign up video is Avalible on the Looking Glass Studios Youtube channel, Go an pick your parts before all the good ones are taken XD
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PostSubject: KingdomSoraVids   Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:04 am

This is how i want you to introduce yourselve, I want you to start a new topic like i did and enter the topic name as YOUR Youtube Username and then fill out this:

Name: (Just put your name)
Nick Name: (optional)
Age: (how old are you?)
Gender: (boy? girl? XP)
Location: (optional)
Likes: (just specify a few things you like, it could be foods, colurs etc.)
Dislikes: (just specify what you dont like)
Editing Program: (what program do you use to edit your videos)
Favorite Anime: (you can specify more than one if you wish)
Favorite Movie: (you can specify more than one if you wish)
Favorite Music: (you can specify more than one if you wish)
Favorite Game: (you can specify more than one if you wish)
About you: (Just tell what you are like)

Name: Nicole
Nick Name: Nic
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Location: UK
Likes: Dogs, Dragons, Blue, Red, Green, Chocolate P=
Dislikes: Chavs, Cigarettes, Cheaters.
Editing Program: Windows Movie Maker
Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the shell, Naruto and More.
Favorite Movie: Avatar, Lord of the rings, Spirited Away.
Favorite Music: Linkin Park!
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts.
About you: I am generally nice (I think anyways XD) I am usually honest, I dont get to close to anyone, i do enjoy making friends though =D
I love making movies, singing, drawing and playing video games XP
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